Designing a logo sounds like a simple enough job, but designing a logo is probably the most difficult job in the design department. A professional designer would tell you how much understanding and detail are required to design one logo. A logo is something that represents your business, it is the face and message of a brand. That is why it requires a lot of extreme effort. To incorporate such details into one logo expert designers use many different tools and software. These tools are either paid or available for free, but nonetheless, they are extremely important to design a professional logo.

Here is a list of different tools that you will need to design a logo.

The Best Logo Design Tools

Adobe Illustrator

We all have heard and have been acquainted with Adobe more than once. Adobe is considered the standard for all sorts of design jobs. Whether it is a logo or website designing, banners, posts, or business card designing, Adobe is the all-in-one solution.

Furthermore, Adobe illustrator is widely accepted as the best as it supports all designing elements, fonts, and different files. Also, Adobe Illustrator allows you to perfectly scale your designs to any requirements you want. You can easily add any colors, fonts, and gradients to your design very easily. Given that, working on Adobe illustrator would require great know-how about the software itself. Not only that but also about all the basic concepts and details of logo designing. Well, you can learn and practice on Adobe illustrator to hone your skills, but if you want to start right away then we can tell you about some logo makers that are easy to use.


Wix Logo Maker

While Adobe Illustrator is professional and expert, you can always use the free Wix logo maker. These tools are perfect for those who do not have the required expertise to work on complicated software such as Adobe illustrator.

Here on the Wix logo maker, you will identify your industry and certain keywords and the logo maker will provide you with certain icons, designs, and elements relevant to your business industry. This will allow you to merge the given elements with fonts available on the logo maker to design a logo to your requirements.

It is very easy to use the tool, which at the very least provides all the basic features to make a logo. You will not be able to produce the design that Adobe illustrator would do for you, but for starters, it is quite a handy tool.


This is another free design tool that is very widely used for logo design. It is regarded as one of the best free design tools and a free tool that comes very close to Adobe illustrator in providing design features to design a professional logo. That means you can produce a logo in all the different files such as PNG, JPG, EPS, and also PDF files so you can represent your work as a professional.

Inkscape is an open-source logo designing tool and you can design all sorts of logos for any business industry on this tool. Unlike Adobe it is completely free and is compatible with all different operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS.



Canva is another design tool that is perfect for all designing jobs. Meaning with designing logos you can go ahead with other design projects. Canva has a very easy-to-use drag and drops feature that allows the user to simply choose and arrange elements.

It has a very friendly user interface and so many different templates for beginners to design a great logo. Canva is another free logo designing tool, where you can also design other projects with its high-quality templates. That said, Canva also provides premium features, if you want to use them, for a very low price.

So if you are just learning about logo designing, then Canva is a great choice.


Need a logo design app for your android and iOS device? Then the Designer is the best one out there.

This tool gives you numerous free design templates so that you can use them to design logos on your devices. You can use many different features on this application for free such as colors, textures, elements, and fonts.

If you are a designer using android or iOS devices, then this app is perfect for logo designing.

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