Design trends have been evolving on all fronts since we are almost entering the year 2020. The same is the case with mobile app designs. As now every small or large business or enterprise has a mobile app. Nowadays almost 90% of the online population spends their time on mobiles so you can wonder why every business is fixated in getting themselves a mobile app.

While the importance of mobile app cannot be ignored in this age, the same could be said for the latest mobile app design trends. After all, you would need the user and the target audience to love the design and feel at ease while using the mobile app. In order for your audience to like the app, the design has to be within the circle of the latest trends.

When we arrive in the year 2020 we will be most likely seeing trends such as larger fonts, futuristic colors, and more use of illustration. If you are ready to see and know what should be the next design for your mobile app then look no further. Below listed are some of the top mobile app design trends of 2020


Mobile App Design Trends 2020


  1. Futuristic colors and Centered Illustration

In 2020 you are probably going to see more mobile apps with a more focus on illustration. The use of 3D moving illustration is going to be a huge feature of mobile apps. After all, the illustration shows more art and design than a photograph as it depicts the skill and effort put in by the designers.

Then we will also see a lot of futuristic colors such as the use of purple, dark blue, pink alongside white. These colors have long been known to give off a futuristic feel and when you couple it with the fact that illustrations are going to be a big feature then this combination sits pretty well with each other.


  1. Better User Interface & User Experience

App designers know that audience likes to use an app that helps them all the way. An app design that allows ease and comfort while using it. That includes buttons that are visible, everything is simple and easy-to-use.

Some important features of some of the latest mobile apps design will include apps using digital screens to complete advantage. The design will surely be responsive on all devices.


  1. Transparent Ingredients and Gradients

Everyone loves a good gradient within the mobile app design and in the year 2020, we are bound to see some of the most amazing gradient styles. You will definitely find apps with more transparent elements with the app design. This feature allows the user to feel more connected to the digital age and the app itself feels light and convenient.

Secondly, this style allows more space in the same space as the designer can place more information in the gradient overlays that they would not be able to add on any other style. You will see a mix of colors yet the app would seem very well organized and fun to use. Never a dull experience when working with gradients.


  1. More navigational Options

It is all about providing the users with the best mobile app experience and that is why designers are using more creative and easy-to-use navigational buttons in the apps. Any app that displays clear, creative, and easy navigation is always going to be a success in this age.

The navigational features that are going to be a part of mobile apps in 2020 are:

  • Parallax scrolling
  • Horizontal and vertical modular
  • Swiping to go to a different section of the app.

You would also see mobile apps with never-ending scrolling with a large amount of content to show.


  1. Night Mode In The Apps

Health concerns are there with mobile users and there was a need for a solution for this concern. This is where you will probably see more designers and mobile app designs that include the night mode feature.

This feature places the light-colored content on the dark background. This allows a much-needed relief to the eyes of the user. And with the night mode on, it is less strenuous on the battery.

  1. Storytelling

Mobile apps will now be more inclined towards storytelling and provide a little insight into the business and company values and history. This style of app designing allows the business owners to create a much more meaningful relationship with their customers

Designers are now using animations and illustrations in a way to tell the customers the story of the business in a much more creative way. Keeping the customers interested and wanting more.



With that, it can be concluded that some mobile app design trends that will rule in 2020 are futuristic colors, illustration and animation, storytelling, and more functional apps for better user experience. These trends will surely provide a wonderful experience for the whole of 2020.

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