Becoming a website designer is not for everyone because who do are born with a spark of creativity. However, you will still find a lot of designers that lack that skill set and creativity because website designing is not just about pouring everything you know on a single design. It requires proper understanding and knowledge of not just the task at hand but also the industry for which the website is being designed.

That is why it is very important that you go only for the great website designers. Great website designers always accompany certain characteristics and traits that sets them apart from the rest.

That is what we are going to do today, we are going to learn about the important traits and characteristics of great website designers. Because your company needs only the best.

What Should a Web Designer Know?

Like said earlier, website designing is not just about pouring all your art and creativity in a single design. No, a great designer would know what he/she can add on website that would not only make the website design attractive but also the design would be properly functional. That means a great designer should have a bit of idea about the programming side of things so they can incorporate design and functions properly on the website design.

Secondly, a great website designer also knows how to expertly work on different designing platforms and programs. Some examples are Adobe illustrator and Photoshop.

Designing of a website is like an art and you would need a proper artist at the helm to make your investment count.

5 Traits of a Great Website Designer

Below are some of the very important qualities and traits of a great website designer:

  1. Listening Skills

The first important quality of a great website designer is their ability to listen to what the client wants from them. It is not about them showing off their skills but it is about listening to what you want and delivering it to you. If they are good at what they do then they will listen to everything you want in your website. Then after that they will confirm your requirements and suggests you more improvements and necessary changes to your needs so that the end result is exactly what you envisioned

  1. Communication Skills

Then comes the communication part between the client and the team together. Website designers need to stay in constant communication with the client so that they are aware of the process and what is being unfolded every day. This way the clients can ask for changes between the process. Secondly, designers should also have a great team work between them so that the client can get what they want right on time.

  1. Experience In The Industry

This is very important that the designer must have experience in this particular field. Your average great designer would have worked for several clients with different requirements. They must have worked and designed website on several different CMS. This way once you hire them, they must have worked on a website that resembles your work or was from the same industry. This will make the process much more streamlined and they will probably deliver the work on time.

  1. Provide Competitive Pricing

Then we have the matter of providing reasonable and competitive pricing to clients. A great website designer would always keep in mind the budget of their clients and to provide the best possible solution in the given budget.

Also if the designer is good, he/she will tell you what you can afford in the given budget and how much they give you to the very best of their capabilities.

  1. Able to Adapt and Well Organized

There would be times when the designers would be given a website to be redesigned. They would be asked to change the designs while keeping intact some elements within the website. A good designer would adapt to such requirements and provide solution.

Then they would also have a level of organization that would show that they have a strategy in place to meet the ends successfully. They will be able reduce mistakes to a minimum and every few days they will provide you with a major update of how things are going in an easy to read analysis report.



There is art in everything we do and same can be said for website designing. That is where a great website designer will tell you why he/she stands out. They will be able to see between the lines and fins something artistic out of nowhere.

So just make sure you check for these traits and characteristics before you decide to hire a website designer that can solve all your website designing solutions.

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