For a web designer, data is an extremely important part of their job. It informs them a lot about what they do for clients, so why not use the data as a resource for your own business as well? With so much going on in the world of digital marketing, the trends and news keep changing all the time with a new one in town even before you know it! This is why it is important to keep track of all the changes and news so you can incorporate it into your website. This is a perfect way. Do not lag behind now and stay in the competition.

So, what has been new this year? Well, there has been a mix of trends and news, but the one thing that trumps them all is of course something you have already guessed at this point: the coronavirus pandemic. But first, let us talk about all the rest of them!

Web Design Research 2020 For Designers

Full page headers

Full page headers have become very popular in web designing this year. There can be many variations in the headers done, but one popular way is to add buttons like key text or CTA on the left of the header and appealing and colorful pictures to the right.

This way is greatly attractive to the audience and it brings them back to the website for more, so you should try this!

The need for website upgrades and maintenance

According to research and numerous surveys, many users are now looking for website upgrades. Which means to redesign their website and make some changes here and there so it can have a new look and feel to it. Hence, as a web designer, you need to take an interest in this and should possess the required creativity and innovation to give websites a complete makeover and make it stand out from the rest.

Now many times, website owners do not exactly want a change in design or a redesigning of their website, rather they are looking for ongoing website maintenance services and making some technical changes here and there. Hence, you need to ensure that you know how to do this for them to provide them with these services and make a name for yourself in these especially tough times.

Visual content is extremely important to stand out from the competition

No one just reads content anymore. It is quite boring. People now want visuals. Images, videos, animations. Whatever. But your website will not be able to gain any popularity without them. So this year, make sure that you offer graphic services for different types of content, such as blogs, case studies, ebooks, and checklists.

What color is in?

There’s always a certain color or colors which are more in than other and that’s different for every single year. For instance, in 2018, it was yellow, and last year, it was blue. So, what color will this year be? Well, what you need to do is conduct thorough research to find that out so you can choose the right set of colors for your website.

We don’t know for sure, but it is speculated that color palettes will become duller and more muted this year compared to the last year. Psychology of color also matters a lot and keep all these factors in mind before you come up with the color scheme for your website.

What kind of fonts are expected to rule 2020?

Well, it is being said that bold fonts are going to be more in than others. As you may have noticed, serif fonts have become pretty popular and are being used on so many websites, while the vintage has also surprised everyone by making a huge comeback.

You may have seen outlined and bold type fonts on a lot of web pages, and this is because they give a good and lasting impression and are easier to remember for the audience. They are fun and professional at the same time so you better use them in a different way. Hence, we ask you to keep all this in mind while deciding the font for your website.

What the corona pandemic has in store for web designers?

Well, this is a hard time for all of us, and corona has managed to affect almost all businesses and brands, leaving the world in great turmoil and distress. What does this mean for the world of digital marketing and freelancer though?

Well, most of the conferences are getting canceled, postponed, or restructured because of the coronavirus. Some of them are:

  • Adobe summit conference
  • Google I/O
  • Facebook’s global marketing summit
  • EmTech Asia

Now as much as a disappointment this seems to be, there is also a bright side to it. The conferences need to happen sooner or later, and since we all know that the coronavirus has planned on staying for a while, these conferences obviously will need to be conducted online. And virtual conferences do have their pros: cheaper, safer, and more practical.

Even though everything else is shutting down, web designers could step up in these tough times, step up, and also give their reputation and credibility a major boost. Researchers say they could educate the public about what’s going on through using their web designing skills, such as through graphics and other things to make the public more aware of the situation, what they can do and how to make better and effective use of the situation and all the excess time that they have on their hands.

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