What comes in your mind if someone says the word Nando’s? Their red logo and the red and black chicken, right? That is exactly what a good logo does. It instantly makes one recognize or remember a business regardless of whether the name of the brand is a component of the logo or not. You might not even remember the correct spelling of a brand but you will always remember the color and shape associated with it. This is because images have a habit of settling into the mind faster than spelling or words do. And this is why having a good logo is extremely important for building the reputation and credibility of a company or brand and to help more people recognize and remember it.

A good logo is important but may not be an easy process to come up with. Obviously, there is not really any right way to go about it, we have a few tips and tricks to help you guide you in creating the perfect logo design to better your market worth and credibility and make a good name for your brand in the industry.

Tips to a Great Logo Design

As mentioned above, there is no right way to go about creating the perfect logo. However, there are a few simple things you could keep in mind. The most important reason for a logo is to tell the audience and customers what a company stands for and you could do this by doing a few things.

A thorough research

Look at all the logos that are most popular and have been for a long time. What has been their marketing strategy? What has been the idea behind the logo? How did they come up with it? And how does it tell the story of a particular brand or company? How have they been able to withstand the test to time, stay ahead of the competition, and better their reputation and credibility? Consider all these things while coming up with a logo to understand the whole process and be able to brainstorm ideas in a better way.

Do not hold back and write down any idea that comes to your mind

Brainstorm. Now is the time to write down every idea that comes to your head, even if it doesn’t sound very nice. The things that could make sense later would actually surprise you. So, even if your mind thinks up of an idea that you think is the worst ever, just write it down.

Also, you could ask your friends and colleagues for help. It is always nice to bring in a new perspective because it helps you think from someone else’s point of view and widen your overall horizons.

Nees to be clear about what your brand is about

To come up with the perfect logo, you need to be clear about your brand and what it stands for. What are your company’s goals and ideas? What are your ambitions? Where do you see yourself with your brand a few years from now? What are the changes you would like to make?

Answering all these questions will make you surer about your own brand and its priorities and will give you a clearer idea of the kind of logo you would want to come up with.

Simple is always nice

An attractive logo does not in any way mean that it has to have a lot going on. A logo is the face of your brand and needs to tell the world what you stand for, and a lot of times, simple is the best strategy you could go for. People will be overwhelmed or not that impressed if there is a lot going on with your logos such as a lot of color, brightness, or words. And all this can be proved by the mere fact that most brands whose logos are still standing strong and attracting major audiences are extremely simple. For example, Starbucks, Coke, or McDonald’s. Not a lot of color or words, but still delivering the message quite perfectly and standing strong for decades.

Eye-catching and memorable

A logo is the face of your business. Which means it is bound to be used on every activity your business does. For example, on the publicity boards and social media. Hence, you need to come up with something eye-catching and something that is remembered by the audience who sees it.

We believe that most people’s brains are most likely to notice the colors of a logo first. Then comes the shape, the icon, and the typography.

So, keep this statement mind and come up with the right blend of colors and words to wow the audience and make them remember you. Do not go for something too light as light colors tend to slip from the mind. Similarly, do not just make it all dark and choose all goth colors either.

It should represent the business

Your logo needs to tell the audience what your business and brand are all about. Hence, it is important to make sure that it is relevant and appropriate for the business.

To get this aspect right, you need to consider your target audience and potential customers. For instance, if your main aim is to attract kids, you can’t go for something graceful and classy because kids will definitely not be able to understand that. You need to go for something colorful, bouncy, and fun. However, if you are a corporate business, such a bank, or a law firm, or anything similar, you will obviously have to change your approach and think of a bit classier ideas for effective results.

Keep making small changes to your logo

Finally, when you are able to come up with a logo, remember that people are attracted to changes and a bit of alteration. Over recent years, almost all top brands have made a few changes here and there to keep things interesting. And it is important that you do it too to keep your business in the public eye and to keep it from being forgotten.

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