Logos are extremely important as it is the first thing a customer or target audience notices about your brand. It tells people what your brand is about and what they stand for. A good logo can help take your company a long, long way. And although many people tend to overlook the importance of a logo, you need to understand that it is so much more than just a mix of colors, words, or pictures. And I guess one way to let you all understand that is with an example. What comes into your mind when someone says Pepsi? The word, the drink, or the red and blue logo. Because I am guessing definitely the bright burst of red and blue is the answer you have in your head. So, you see, the logo is not something to be overlooked or ignored. It is the face of your brand that will help people remember you in the long term is it is attractive and appealing enough.

Logo Animation necessary for my business?

Well, I believe it is. Because it lets people look at your business in a new light, and definitely captures the attention of the masses. Which is exactly what you are looking for in the first place, right? Also, with great technological advancements and growth in recent years, most companies and brands are looking into something innovative and creative for their audience to remain in the spotlight. And this is one of the best ways to achieve that.

Great Logo Animation Ideas

  • The introduction or the end to your YouTube videos

This could be achieved by making a logo bumper, logo intro, or end card videos. If you put your logo animation in your videos, you will have better luck achieving brand recognition and popularity and will be able to create a name for yourself in lesser time than usual.

  • Presentations for your business

If you are making a presentation for your workplace, ending or starting it with the logo animation of your business will make the whole thing classier and more professional, and will appeal greater to your superiors watching it.

  • Logo animation for your website to make things more interesting!

Replace your static logo on your website to the more fun and classier logo animation to keep people interested and keep your brand under the spotlight. Your audience will enjoy this far more than anything else. Especially more than the static one.

What is the process of making an Animated Logo?

Now, since you have seen all the interesting ways you could incorporate an animated logo to make things more interesting and fun, you must be wondering how to make it? And don’t worry, we will tell you all about it!

A designer can do the job for you!

This is the easiest way to make a logo animation. You will not have to do anything and a professional will carry out all the work for you. If you have the budget, you could go for this.

You can either hire a designer or commission this work to an employee at your workplace if one of them knows this work or if you have a design department. Freelance designers are also available for this purpose. Basically, just go to a website which offers these kinds of services, such as Fiverr, write logo animation on the search bar and scroll through the numerous offers to select the one which you think fits your budget and suits your style and needs best!

Make your own Logo Animation using After Effects

If you are on a budget or feel like you want to do this on your own, you could make your own logo animation through the help of After Effects. However, do not think that this is a very easy task. You could find it difficult to use the complex editing software and get confused at times, but there is no harm in giving it a try.

The things you will need are:

  • Your brand logo
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Good Animation and editing skills

Using all these things and the amazing tools and options on the software, you could come up with an amazing logo animation for your brand that makes it stand out and look appealing and amazing and get it the recognition it deserves!

Animated Logos, Simple, Illustrative, or Abstract, we do it all, so if you need one then Contact DigiHexagon right away.