Are you aware of the differences between website design and website development? It is important that you know the difference between the two.

Usually, people believe that website designers and developers are the same things, after all, they both go hand in hand. But in truth, there is a whole lot of difference between a designer and developer and how website design and development goes.


As mentioned earlier, website designing and development go hand in hand. The designers are the ones responsible for designing website visuals and interface. Developers use their expertise in computer language and programming to make the designer’s website design functioning as a complete website.

This was the summary of differences between website designers and developers. Now it is time for us to go a little deeper into the details.

What is a web designer?

A web designer uses different elements, shapes, fonts, typography to create the face and feel for a website. Their use of software such as photoshop and illustrator style the website in different designs. But being designers doesn’t mean that they are completely oblivious to coding as when designing custom websites they do use CSS and HTML coding to design a website.

That said, every designer specializes in different aspects of website designing. Yes, that’s right, there is more than one aspect of website designing. We’ll learn about them now.

User Experience (UX) designer

Then we have the User Interface designer, who works on designing the face of the website and how the functioning and non-functioning elements will appear on a website. Their job is to create an interface that allows smooth and easy navigation for the users. The better the interface is, the more users will navigate to the website.

Again, UI and UX are both very deeply connected, in order to design a perfect website you need to incorporate and marry the two perfectly. UI involves the look and feel of a website while UX focuses on making that look and feel functioning perfectly.

Experience In The Industry

When you look at the process of website design and development, it is not much different than constructing a building. The designer’s job is similar to putting the design on the map for the developer to construct it into a fully functioning website.

Website designing and development go hand in hand. A web developer builds a website’s framework using software like JavaScript and JQuery, to build a website that functions properly with creative visuals given by the designers. There are many different types of developers.

Back-end developer

This is where the complete coding and structuring of a website are carried out. Developers who are experts are backend development are well-rehearsed in languages such as Java, SQL, and C++. This is where the whole functioning of the website is done with coding.

While the website owner and users won’t ever see this, but this is the foundation of a completely functioning website.

Front-end developer

This development is done for the clients to see where the developers use computer languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to create functions on the front end designs such as client lead forms.

Their job is to lay down the framework on the front end so that you and your users can interact on the website.

Full-stack developer

In short, you can say that they are fully accomplished as front end and back end developers.

When To Choose A Website Designer & Developer?

I guess you have learned all about the differences between a designer and developer, at least all the basic and necessary information. So when would you choose a developer or a designer? We’ll list below

Need Designer

  • Designing home and inner pages layout.
  • Design concepts for a website, mobile app.
  • Designing custom photos, videos, logos and banners for website and business

Need Developer

  • Structuring of the website framework
  • Building contact forms and checkouts
  • Fixing of hosting and server issues
  • Fixing of website speed issues

Designer Or Developer?

If you are building your website from scratch or your mobile app, then you would definitely need both of them. The designer would design your website and app, it’s visual so that you would know how it will look and what the interface will feel like.

Developers will later help you with incorporating all the visual ideas of the designer into a working website or application. Their expertise in coding and web structure is necessary to build a working website.

That said, designing and development are two very different things yet very important for either to stay relevant. That is why when you find a website designing agency you will see that they are also offering web development services separately, but remember that they offer that service separately. So, you need a designer to set a brand identity and then a developer to structure that identity into a website and make it live.