The year 2020 is upon us and you can expect some changes when it comes to the latest website design trends. What was the hottest trend at the start of 2019 or back in 2018 may not be a trend anymore. Just like fashion website design trends are always evolving and that is why you must stay up to date with the latest web design trends of 2020.

Whether it is your own online business website or you are working as a professional web designer, this is where you will get the latest trends to help your online business and your client’s business to grow leap and bounds. Without a shadow of a doubt, 2020 will bring website design trends that will not only provide the best user experience and interface but more clarity than ever before.  After all if you are running an online business you need to deliver your message as clearly as possible.

The year 2020 will bring all of the following website design trends.

  1. The Trendy Non-Traditional Parallax Scrolling

You need to make sure that your website designs are not just clear but they also display some sort of creativity. The majority of internet users are very dynamic and they are always in search of something new. This is where you can catch the attention of your audience and slip past your competition.

It is better to let go of the traditional website scrolling and bring something innovative for your users to appreciate. If you can keep the site load speed optimized then you will certainly hit the jackpot.

  1. Solid Colour Blocks

Solid colour blocks are going to be even popular in 2020. These were quite popular for fashion websites but now it seems almost every online business website will be using this certain element as part of their website design.

These colour blocks break your web pages into different section and every block has a different colour. This is where you can relay number of small yet important details to your users while keeping it very creative. A picture, quote or some interesting facts in one block can quickly catch the attention of the user.


  1. Video Banners & Backgrounds

This trend picked pace at the start of 2019 and it sure will take centre stage in 2020. Video has always been the most successful medium of capturing the attention of the user. That is exactly why so many website owners are using video banners and backgrounds

Mouse hovers and videos have always attracted the eye and it also conveys a message to the user how creative you are. It builds a great first impression and websites with video backgrounds have a higher user retention rate and lower bounce rate than many.


  1. Large Sized Typography & Images

As mentioned earlier the users are always looking for more clarity in a website design. This is as good as it gets when it comes to delivering clarity. Nowadays and moving towards 2020 the use of oversized typography and large image and video sections has become a popular theme.

Website owners are using this design trend to enlarge the most important message and information on their web pages so the users can catch them. Alongside maintaining the creativity of the design, this design trend is perfect for conveying the message clearly to the user. This not only relays the information but if done right, it will stay with the user for a long time ensuring a higher user retention rate.


  1. Adaptive & Responsive Web Design

Last but not the least, your web design on any device should be adaptive and responsive if you want your website to succeed. That means the information, pictures and all other elements should be easily readable and appeal the naked eye on every device. That includes desktops, tablets and especially mobile phones. Then the website design should also be adaptive of all the different browsers. Website with the greatest responsiveness will always be preferred by search engines instead of those who are lacking responsiveness.

Since the latest Google update of mobile-first indexing, you just cannot afford an unresponsive website design on mobile phones. Make sure the design is balanced and appealing to the eye on all devices.



These are some of the website design trends that are sure to rule in the year 2020. While they will be there from the start of 2020, you should keep yourself well researched and updated about the latest website design trends. Because no matter how popular a design trend is now it will surely get old. The website design trends are always evolving so you have to stay on your toes.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this article about website design trends, if you wish to get a professional website design then contact DigiHexagon right now.